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Festival Walk – Questions and Answers

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What is the 2019 Festival Appeal Walks Programme?

2019 Festival Appeal Walks Programme is a series of linked sponsored walks comprising:

  1. The Provincial Perambulation – 820+ mile walk over 4 years visiting every welcoming Craft Lodge, in the Masonic Province of Shropshire, on a pre-arranged Regular Meeting date
  2. Walk 2 Grand Lodge – 240 mile walk from Shrewsbury to Grand Lodge in April 2019

The combined walking distances will easily exceed 1,000 miles.


When does the Walks Programme begin and conclude?

The Provincial Perambulation begins in March 2015 and concludes in November 2018. Brethren will be asked to sponsor this rolling event once a year if their means allow.

The Walk 2 Grand Lodge takes place in April 2019 – details will be announced in early 2018


Who is supporting the Walks Programme?

VW Bro Roger Brentnall Pemberton has commissioned a special ‘travelling’ silver banded, hand turned Maul – the Deputy PGM’s 2019 Festival Appeal Maul. This will be couriered on foot by Brethren for the entire 2019 Festival Appeal Walks Programme – 1,000+ miles.

Ultimately, one fortunate Brother will come to own the Deputy PGM’s 2019 Festival Appeal Maul.


How will sponsorship funds be generated?

Lodges receiving the Deputy PGM’s 2019 Festival Appeal Maul will be requested to donate the proceeds of a Festive Board raffle to the 2019 Festival Appeal. Brethren will also be invited to personally sponsor both the Provincial Perambulation and later, the Walk 2 Grand Lodge. Towards the end of the appeal a special prize draw will be mounted enabling one lucky Brother to win the Deputy PGM’s 2019 Festival Appeal Maul.


How will the walks sponsorship operate?

The sponsorship of walks will be expedited as follows:

  1. A dedicated ‘Gift Aid’ sponsor form has been designed for the Provincial Perambulation and approved by The Grand Charity. Brethren will be asked to sponsor the walks, ideally once a year, over the 4 years duration of the programme, but especially when their Lodge receives the Deputy PGM’s 2019 Festival Appeal Maul. The target sponsorship is £15,000.
  2. The Walk 2 Grand Lodge will take an estimated 500,000 steps to complete – Steps will be priced at 2.5 Pence each, e.g. 200 steps = £5, aiming to raise at least £12,500. A dedicated ‘Gift Aid’ sponsor form will be produced and a Steps Barometer will be published on the PGL Website to record progress over time towards the 500,000 steps target.


Apart from sponsoring walks, what other ways can Brethren lend their support?

There are several ways falling under the following headings:

Personal Participation: Taking part in one or more of the walks as part of the Courier Team with the option of seeking personal sponsorship counting towards Lodge targets. It’s important to stress that Brethren do not have to do a full walk – as long as the distance walked represents a reasonable challenge without imposing any foreseeable risk to health. Where possible, a short tail end walk will be built into the longer walk to salute a particular Lodge’s heritage, e.g. The Walk to St John’s Lodge, from Shrewsbury to Wellington, will pass by four 19th Century former meeting places in the last mile or so. SHORT WALKS will be agreed with each Lodge.

Supporting Walkers: By providing a useful service such as lifts to/from walk start/end points; providing ablutions and changing facilities for a walker or being on call to rescue a retiring walker for one of more the walks.

Visiting Lodges: Boosting support by visiting any Lodge receiving the Deputy PGM’s 2019 Festival Appeal Maul, especially those immediately before and after a Brother’s own Lodge receives it.

What happens if a walk is cancelled or abandoned?

It is possible that the Walks Programme might be disrupted due to circumstances such as very adverse weather conditions, injury to the courier during a walk, or other unforeseen event. In such an instance the walk will be rescheduled in consultation with the affected Lodge – the remainder of the Walks Programme schedule will be unaffected.


How will Sponsor Forms & Prize Draw Tickets be distributed to Lodges?

A dedicated Provincial Perambulation Sponsorship Pack will be distributed to Lodge Charity Stewards via email, or upon request, by post. Documents including Sponsorship Forms can also be downloaded from the PGL Website. Prize Draw tickets will be issued separately in late 2018.


Will Brethren be able see the Deputy PGM’s 2019 Festival Appeal Maul?

The Maul will be presented to the WM of each welcoming Craft Lodge. This provides an opportunity for the Maul to be passed around the Festive Board, so every Brother present can inspect it. Alternatively a Brother can offer to carry the Maul for all or part of a walk!

The Maul is restored to its Courier before the conclusion of the Festive Board for its onward journey.


Will the sponsorship count towards individual Lodge 2019 Festival Appeal targets?

Yes! – Provided the ‘Lodge No.’ is accurately recorded the Sponsor Form.


How will the Prize Draw for the Deputy PGM’s 2019 Festival Appeal Maul operate?

Prize Draw tickets will be sold via Lodge Charity Stewards, or their equivalents, from autumn 2018 onwards for a £1 per ticket. The sole prize will be the much travelled Deputy PGM’s 2019 Festival Appeal Maul. The winner will not have to walk their prize home!


When will the Steps Prize Draw take place?

The prize draw will take place in 2019 during a Masonic event nominated by the Provincial Grand Master. Note: No personal data will be recorded from the tickets which will be shredded/recycled post the prize draw event. 


Will costs be incurred by receiving the Deputy PGM’s 2019 Festival Appeal Maul?

None! Everyone is a visitor – couriers and walkers alike will be responsible for booking themselves into a Festive Board and paying the associated dues.


When will our Lodge receive the Deputy PGM’s 2019 Festival Appeal Maul?

Please refer to the Walks Schedule in this document. Because of the complexity of planning such a programme Lodges are respectfully requested to accept the meeting dates detailed in the Walks Schedule. Any requests for variation need to be made as soon as is practical.

With one exception (6262) Installation Meetings have been avoided. When will Walk & Route Plans become available?

The Plans/Routes have been produced for all 35 Provincial Perambulation walks – these will be published on the PGL Website in winter of 2014. Please note that routes are subject to revision.


Will I be able to see the proposed walk route on an Ordnance Survey Map?

Yes, all routes will be logged on the Ordnance Survey’s ‘Get a Map’ database – instructions for linking to each walk route and its associated OS will be published on the PGL Website.


How do I sign up to take part in a walk?

Complete the Walk Enquiry button on the PGL Website, write your enquiry and click ‘Send’ – you will hear back as soon as is possible, or if you prefer you can contact the Walks Organiser. It’s envisaged that most SHORT WALKS will be scheduled an hour so before the Lodge meeting.


How will progress be reported?

Live images and walk updates will be reported via Twitter and plus a dedicated Provincial Walks Programme News area on the PGL Website. A Roll of Maul Bearers, including the names family members and friends (if they wish), will be published on the PGL website – carrying the Maul for 1 step during its 1,000+ mile journey is the only requisite qualification.



Provincial Perambulation – 4 Year Walks Schedule 




Who is organising the 2019 Festival Appeal Walks Programme?

The Walks Programme and provision supporting documents is being organised under the auspices of the Salopian Lodge of Charity No 117 – the primary contact is:

W Bro Kim March 01694 724991 07971 567364 [email protected]

Administration of sponsorship monies and any other related donations queries should be addressed to the 2019 Festival Appeal Treasurer:

W Bro Dennis Hill 01299 841334 07715 341056 [email protected] 


Click here to view the Festival Walk plan, enquire and view the route maps.