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Masonic Care Lines

Freemasons have a long history of caring for those in need. Such people (including not just Masons but also their dependents) have a well defined structure of support, beginning with the vital work of the Lodge Almoner. His duties include reporting to the Lodge on the health and general welfare of the Lodge members and their families.

The work of Lodge Almoners is co-ordinated by the Provincial Almoner, who is in regular contact with the Masonic Charitable Fund (MCF) in London. It may be that personal reasons might prevent someone who needs help from being comfortable speaking with their own Lodge Almoner – in this case, he may wish to go directly to the Provincial Almoner for advice and assistance.

The MCF is organised as a modern, efficient charity. They have a good working relationship with Provincial Almoners, but also have a Direct Care line which is especially useful in emergency, when time may be of the essence. They will, however, check back all claims with the Provincial Almoner as soon as is convenient – the whole system is closely linked.

An appeal that is refused by London may be reviewed by speaking with the Provincial Almoner – if he agrees that there are grounds for an appeal, he can assist.

The Masonic Charitable Fund has a Direct Care line on 0800 035 60 90

The Provincial Grand Almoner in Shropshire has a direct line on 07777 646953