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PGM’s New Year Message

Cut Out 1Well, all that frenzy and indulgence at Christmas is over for another year and we now look forward to ushering in the New Year. Hope springs eternal and we pray for a peaceful and prosperous 2015.

The family of Lodges and Chapters that make up our Province will be making plans and looking forward to the year, proud in the knowledge that we as Freemasons, more than ever, are committed and involved in our local communities, helping those in need, those who are disadvantaged and those less fortunate than ourselves.

I hold great anticipation for the year ahead, for I know that we as a Province are moving in the right direction; we are much more family orientated with our wives and partners supporting us and participating in the charitable objectives that we strive to achieve; and we are open and proud of our membership.

It seems to me that the public interest in Freemasonry has rarely been greater and this is partly due to our own awareness and openness in engaging with members of the public to let them know of the principles upon which we stand and the fulfilment that we experience as members of one of the largest secular organisations in the world. It is also partly due to the changes made to our public profile, so that it may now be seen that Freemasons the world over, do make a difference.

The New Year in Shropshire will be heralded with a new Lodge being consecrated, that of The Iron Bridge Lodge No. 9897 on the 24th January, 2015. The Lodge is to be granted a Charter under the Grand Lodge Universities Scheme and through this Lodge, undergraduates and other students will be welcomed to join our fraternity. I hope that many of you will be able to attend the Consecration because it will be the first in the Province in the last 15 years and we will all be witnessing a momentous occasion in the history of our Province.

We all have much to look forward to in the year ahead and through the medium of this news bulletin, I wish you much happiness in the enjoyment of your Freemasonry.

Peter A Taylor
Provincial Grand Master