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Thanks for a Life Saved!

It’s interesting how some things in life turn in a full circle. Nine years ago W. Bro. Steve West-Wynn thought his life was coming to an untimely end when he suffered a heart attack whilst visiting his Mother Lodge, Clive Lodge No. 1575.   Emergency medical services were called upon and the Oswestry Area First Responder Service duly answered. Thanks to their skills and prompt actions Steve is still very much with us today, so much so that he served as Worshipful Master of Fitz Alan Lodge No 1432 for year commencing November 2013.

One of the social highlights of Steve’s year was a popularly supported Ladies Night in March 2014. An outstanding success, the evening generated over £700.00 for charity. The circle of this particular story was recently completed when W. Bro. Steve presented John Roberts, the Treasurer of the Oswestry Area First Responders, with a cheque for £710. Steve very much credits the First Responders with saving his life and long may he, and First Responder services, be with us.

Steve Wym-West & John Roberts