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Freemasonry in Shropshire

There are thirty-four Craft Lodges set among Housman’s “blue remembered hills”. The oldest of these, Salopian Lodge number 262, was founded in 1788, and counted Thomas Telford among its members. The most recent, The Iron Bridge Lodge number 9897 was founded in 2015 as part of the University Lodges Scheme.

The link for ‘Craft Lodges’ gives a list of all the lodges in Shropshire. Clicking on each lodge name will give you details of its whereabouts, meeting dates and lodge Secretary contact details.  Lodges can be found across the County and there will almost certainly be one within easy reach of where you live.

The booklet ‘Becoming a Mason’ published by the United Grand Lodge of England can be downloaded and read at leisure.  The ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ link addresses many of the questions that are usually asked by non Masons who are thinking about joining Freemasonry.

If you are considering joining Freemasonry make contact with either Ian Edgington, the Provincial Grand Secretary whose details are on the ‘Contact’ link or the lodge secretary of one of the Lodges near you.  Many lodges have a ‘Gentleman’s Evening’ once a year which you can attend to get a better idea of what Freemasonry is about and chat with other Masons informally or over meal. Some Lodges have an informal regular ‘Curry Night’ or similar function where you can get to know the members, and they can get to know you, before you make a decision to join.