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Mentoring Policy

Mentoring in Freemasonry involves us all, in how we look after our members, particularly our new members – how we nurture them – that is the secret of success. But Mentoring is not the responsibility of the Mentors alone; it falls on the shoulders of every member of the Lodge, and even its visitors, to embrace the concept that we are all members of the same Brotherhood or family, and that we are all bound to do to others as in similar circumstances we would wish they would do to us.

A successful Mentoring Policy is dependent on the performance of Mentors at all levels, Provincial, Lodge and Personal. A fundamental measure of its success is that every member of every Lodge feels that he belongs to his Lodge; is involved in its life and understands why he is a Freemason. If this can be achieved in all its members, the Lodge will be strong, possess a happy and welcoming atmosphere, and induce its members to introduce their friends and colleagues into its circle.

This new Mentoring Policy 2017 for the Province of Shropshire is an excellent guide, and its adoption will be a major factor in ensuring the continuing success of our Province for generations to come.

I enthusiastically endorse our Mentoring Policy and commend it to you all.

Roger Pemberton, Provincial Grand Master


Downloads for Lodge Mentors:

Please click here to download the Provincial Grand Lodge of Shropshire Mentoring Policy pdf.


Please click here to download the Shropshire Lodge Mentor’s Guide pdf.


Please click here to download the Shropshire Personal Development Guide pdf.



Frequently Asked Questions for members to share with people asking questions about Freemasonry:

The following questions and answers document has been compiled by the Provincial Grand Mentor to encourage and help us all to talk openly about Freemasonry with our family, friends and colleagues. In doing so, we will become ‘Ambassadors for Freemasonry’ and actively support our policy of openness.

The answers to this collection of frequently asked questions should be supplemented with personal experiences where possible. Their use will ensure our message is both factually correct and interesting.

View and download the FAQs document pdf here:

Shropshire frequently_asked_questions_v1.1